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Below, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about our services.

How do I know if you are a qualified electrician?

You can confirm if your electrician is qualified by checking the Consumer and Business Affairs website.

Why do I need to use a qualified electrician to complete my electrical works?

If you do electrical work without a license, you may receive a fine. It can also be extremely dangerous for you and result in serious injury or even death. Insurance companies may not cover fire or personal injury claims caused by do-it-yourself electrical work. Read More

Can I supply my own electrical materials?

In short, yes you can. We regularly install client-supplied lights and ceiling fans, however we will always prefer to supply you with all stock materials and can also supply many brands of lights and ceiling fans. The benefits of allowing MC Electrical & Communications to supply your materials include:

  • Warranty: if we have supplied your materials and a fault becomes apparent, we are able to sort out the issue or replace the faulty item free of charge.
  • Recalls: if we are notified of a recall on an item we have supplied, we are able to notify clients and assist with replacements.
  • Insurance: if a fault occurs on an item we have supplied that causes damage to your property, we can apply through our insurance to cover the repairs or replacement.
  • Reputation: we are an experienced, reputable company and only use products and materials that we know are also reputable and reliable. You can rest assured that if we supply materials for your electrical job, that they are of high quality and are suitable for purpose.
How does an electrical safety switch (RCD / RCBO) work?

On a normal power circuit, the current flowing to an appliance returns through the neutral wire. If the circuit is compromised, the electricity can leak to earth through a person in contact with the appliance, causing death or serious injury. A safety switch detects the loss of power from the circuit and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 30 milliseconds (0.003 seconds). Importantly, this response time is faster than the critical section of a heartbeat, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury.

What is Test & Tag?

Test and Tag is a system where our electricians will test all the electrical equipment in a workplace for faults, ensuring it is safe to be used by employees. The electrician will then attach a tag to the piece of equipment stating the date it was tested and when the next test is due.

What is Thermographic Imaging?

Specialised and highly sensitive equipment is used by a skilled technician to identify equipment faults that are not visible to the naked eye. The thermal images are accurate to one-tenth of a degree and will show if any components such as electrical safety switches are too hot. For further information, refer to our Thermographic Imaging brochure.

When should I have an electrical safety check?

MC Electrical & Communications recommends that you should have an electrical inspection completed if:

  • You are purchasing a property that has been occupied
  • The property is more than 25 years old
  • If an electrical inspection has not been completed on the home for over 5 years
  • If you have any concerns about the electrical installations
Why should I use a Master Electrician?

A Master Electrician is trained to deliver professional, safe and reliable service and the highest standard. Master Electricians must carry out ongoing training to ensure they continue to be at the forefront of their trade.

What is the benefit of whole-house surge protection?

When you protect your whole house from power surges (often caused by lightning hitting power cables), you’ll protect all the equipment in it instead of just one item plugged into a surge protector. This can come in especially handy if you have many appliances and electronics plugged in at the same time.

Are LED lights better than incandescent lights?

LED lights are more efficient, lasting 50,000 hours instead of 1,200 hours. They also have a lower operating cost, assisting both your electricity bill and the environment. Incandescent bulbs use the same technology Thomas Edison patented in 1879, using filaments that glow, producing both light and heat when energy flow through them. A LED, on the other hand, has electrons that flow to create photons – the light we can see. Photons generate almost no heat. Hence, LEDs require much less energy to create the same amount of brightness as incandescent lights and last much longer.

My safety switch has tripped and I cannot reset it, what do I do now?
  1. Turn off and unplug all items and appliances on the affected circuit. Retest the safety switch.
  2. If the safety switch remains on, the cause of the fault is likely an appliance. You can plug in essential appliances such as your refrigerator one at a time if required, this can assist in narrowing down the cause of the fault.
  3. If you cannot narrow down the cause to one appliance, contact MC Electrical & Communications to test potential faulty items.
  4. If the safety switch flicks off again, the fault could be elsewhere in the house or caused by faulty or compromised wiring.
  5. Contact MC Electrical & Communications on 1300 993 566 to have the faulty circuit repaired.
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